So Many Milestones

In the three months since I last posted (where did the time go?!?) we have hit so many milestones in our journey out of this pandemic. There’s no specific reason I stopped posting, I think I just got out of the habit and then struggled to figure out if/when to get back into it. For no specific reason, I decided that it was time to jump back in and post an update. No idea how much I’ll post this summer, but I wanted to share updates and I know (at least some of) you have missed hearing about our family’s updates.

Here are a few of the milestones that we’ve hit in the past months:


  • The girls went back to school full-time in-person
    • It went remarkably well and both enjoyed school more being in person
  • I got fully vaccinated – no side effects at all and felt relief at making it through
  • Hannah completed her gymnastics season with an in-person meet that we watched online
  • It snowed in mid-April because…why not
  • We went to a drive-in movie – very pandemic friendly, a little chilly but at least it got dark early


  • Jeanne went on a work trip in May and traveled to San Diego – she said traveling was surprisingly normal
  • We went to Vermont for Memorial Day weekend which required a Covid test for the girls – their first of the pandemic
  • Daisy completed her recovery from elbow surgery as is back to healthy again


  • Hannah got fully vaccinated in June
  • Both girls finished successful soccer seasons
    • It was my last year coaching Hannah’s teams which felt like a major milestone
  • Hannah got her braces off – she timed it well to have braces during a year when she wore a mask so much
  • The school year ended on a very positive note and both girls will be changing schools in the fall:
    • Hannah will start high school (crazy!) at a newly built Belmont High School
    • Caroline will start middle school
    • We will not have a connection to Winn Brook elementary school for the first time in almost decade
  • We had our back deck replaced and have enjoyed having friends over to enjoy the summer evenings
  • The girls and I went camping to start the summer vacation


  • Hannah is currently away for 2 weeks of gymnastics camp
  • I flew to Denver to visit my sister – travel was remarkably normal
  • While in Denver, I went my first live music concert since the pandemic began – Blues Traveler at Red Rocks on the 4th of July
  • Today is Hannah’s 14th birthday!
  • Caroline is enjoying day camp at Camp Thoreau in Concord – they even managed to have a fun indoor day during a tropical storm
  • We hosted an 80th birthday party for Jeanne’s parents – it was nice to get the extended family together for an afternoon. Happy Birthday Nana and Papa!

I hope that the pandemic continues to recede and I know we are fortunate to be in part of the country and the world where vaccination rates are high and we can resume many of our regular activities. Our hope is that summer feels like a relatively normal summer and that things continue to return to a new normal!

Photo albums from the past months:

Cute puppy photo of the day:

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