A modified Halloween

As with everything this year, Halloween in 2020 was a lot different. We didn’t give out candy, Caroline didn’t trick-or-treat, and we had a snowstorm. (The weather wasn’t Covid-related but it felt like it could have been).

Some of our neighbors were putting candy out in separate bags on tables in front of their homes, but we decided not to. The way I see it, the goal isn’t just to transfer candy from the store to the homeowner to the kid. (if your kid needs candy, I’ll buy them some). The goal is to have kids ring doorbells, answer questions about their costume, and have to earn the candy at least a little by participating in the community. But this year we didn’t want there to be a community celebration in neighborhoods. So I set up a lightbox with the message “Happy Halloween – Come Back Next Year” and we stayed inside. If allowed, we’ll double the candy give outs next year to make up for it. (From our unscientific survey of our street, about 1/2 the houses put out candy but most ended up with plenty of leftovers).

Hannah and her friends went to a few houses and generally spent the evening walking around town. In a group of half dozen, wearing masks, and keeping distant from any crowds we felt comfortable with her being out. And she came home with more candy than I expected because there were so few other trick-or-treaters out. As a high-schooler next year we’ll see if she and her friends are still kids enough to trick-or-treat one more time.

Caroline was scheduled to go to a friend’s house for a birthday/Halloween party. It was a great way to have them be able to celebrate with friends but not have to wander the neighborhood. Unfortunately the party got snowed out. Yes, we got our first snowstorm on Friday that left 3-4″ and then turned to slush on Saturday. So she instead played in the snow with friends and came home early. And since the party was rescheduled for Monday night, they got an extra day of celebration.

Daisy was such a good sport about being stuffed into a princess costume. I thought our days of having a princess in the family were over, but Daisy was a (somewhat) willing participant in the festivities.

As with every holiday ritual, we’ve all had to adapt but, all things considered, this one went pretty well for us.

An angel spreads her wings (and a puppy watches from the window) before the snow
Hannah and her friends as hippies

Things that went well this week:

  • Hybrid school is going well, the kids prefer their in-person days and both girls have liked the smaller class sizes (7-9 students in a room)
  • Wearing a mask is actually comfortable in chilly weather and it keeps my face warm
  • The election is finally here. I dislike campaign season, but I enjoy watching election returns, it sort of feels like a sporting event. It’s like 18 months of pre-game discussion and now the game is finally here. I just really hope the country doesn’t make a horrible mistake again

Things that did not go well:

  • Covid cases in Massachusetts were at 1000+ cases per day for the past week
  • Rain and snow cancelled our soccer practices and games last week and with darkness even earlier we’re going to get squeezed for light in the afternoons to end the season
  • I realized I wrote 1 blog post in October (down from 4 in September), I think I just didn’t want to write about everything, but I miss it

Random happy find from the web:

Cute puppy photo of the day:

Daisy put up with her costume but the door was blocked for visitors

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