Tourists in our own city

On Sunday we did something we haven’t done since the pandemic began: we went to Boston. We live less than 10 miles from a major city but we hadn’t been there in 6+ months. So we decided to be tourists in our own city and spend the afternoon and evening downtown.

We went to Faneuil Hall where there were plenty of people but it was not overly crowded. Across the Greenway, we found a lovely spot on the grass and the watched boats on the harbor and enjoyed a warm afternoon by the water. We had dinner at Tia’s On the Waterfront, normally a rowdy bar crowd but now had plenty of outdoor, spaced out tables. It was such a normal way to spend an afternoon and evening in the city, but it felt like such a change.

It felt like we were tourists, at one point Caroline catching herself thinking that we would be going to a hotel not back to our home. It felt normal to be out shopping, grabbing a smoothie from a food truck, and lounging on the grass. Almost everyone was wearing masks and people were keeping their distance, but it was the closest thing to normal that we had experienced in a while. Granted, the crowds were reduced from a typical Labor Day weekend and many of the restaurants were takeout or outdoor only, but it was so good to get out of our house and our street and see that the larger world around is still there.

Masks are just part of every outfit now
Enjoying the lawn by the harbor
Expanded outdoor dining is an unexpectedly nice side effect of Covid

Things that went well this week:

  • We got class assignments for both girls so we at least know the names of teachers and classmates (schedules coming next week)
  • Beautiful weather for a holiday weekend was so nice and we spent a lot time outdoors in the yard
  • I ordered and received a Boston Celtics jersey with “Black Lives Matter” and Jayson Tatum’s number 0 on it and have been wearing it while watching their run through the NBA playoffs
  • Long conversations with good friends who are geographically distant was overdue and appreciated

Things that did not go well:

  • Hannah’s ankle has not gotten better (see the crutches in photos above) so we’re going to an orthopedist this week
  • Trump gets worse every week (this week it was against the military) but I’m still not convinced he will lose
  • Cases in Massachusetts have hit a plateau but just won’t come down from the 200-300 new cases per day

Random happy find from the web:

Cute puppy photo of the day:

Daisy rolled over leash to get at the ball

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