A Teenager in the Family

Today was Hannah’s 13th birthday and we now officially have a teenager in the family. She’s already been acting quite teenagery during quarantine with plenty of sleeping late, well-timed eye-rolls, wanting more privacy, and increased attitude. We are starting to see what the next years will be like but fortunately (for us) she’s stuck at home for the foreseeable future so we still get hang out with her a lot.

And while we couldn’t have a normal birthday party (a fun outing followed by a sleepover where no one gets much sleep) we managed to have a socially distanced party in the backyard with her friends. It’s more than we’ve done in the recent months but it went really well and set up us for more get-togethers this summer. It started with a drive-by parade to make sure the whole neighborhood heard the honking and knew there was a birthday nearby. Then a smaller group of them stayed for the evening.

They fought off the heat and humidity with the slip-and-slide and a sprinkler, then hung out on their towels eating pizza and cake. They were good about keeping masks on when they were running around and then staying apart when they were eating. It’s not as easy or as fun, but they do a great job of making the best of it and Hannah had a lot of fun.

Hopefully by next year things will be closer to normal and we can feel comfortable having a half-dozen girls sleeping in the same room.

Our Quaranteen

Last weekend weekend we had a great trip to New Hampshire and Vermont. The hotel worked out really well for us, it was fun to see friends, and we went swimming in three different places trying out rivers, lakes, and hidden swimming holes. And then the girls and I took the day on Monday and went to a beach for the afternoon to ride the waves and hang out in the ocean. It was so nice to get away and it made the weekend feel more like a true holiday weekend.

Things that went well today:

  • Hannah’s group of friends are great; we know there will be drama (these are 8th grade girls we’re talking about) but they are good kids and good friends to her
  • The number of cases in Massachusetts and the rest of New England continues to decline; we still have ~150 new cases and ~30 deaths per day but things are moving in the right direction
  • We’ve asked the girls to start reading more (at least an hour a day) and they have been a lot better about picking up a book instead of a device (at least sometimes)

Things that did not go well:

  • The cases in the rest of country are skyrocketing in scary ways. It seems surreal to the see the numbers of new cases in Florida, Texas, and Arizona. Even California is moving in the wrong direction now
  • I tried to go out for a run this morning but the heat and humidity (and out-of-shapeness) defeated me very quickly
  • Caroline has been spending so much time watching on her iPad; but it’s so hard when we don’t have fun alternatives to push her towards

Random happy funny find from the web:

Cute puppy photo of the day:

Daisy and Hannah dried off on the rocks at Quechee Gorge

Note: I’ve stopped counting the days in the blog titles. Technically today is day 121 since schools and work closed but it feels different. Now that we’re in summer vacation and more things are open it doesn’t really feel like a quarantine. We still can’t do many regular activities, but it doesn’t feel like continuing to count the days fits our mood as much.

One comment

  1. Happy Birthday Hannah. You look terrific. Glad you got to have a birthday party……
    Love from Great-Aunt Julie

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