Day 100 – Slowly reopening

Today marks 100 days since we were at school and work.  100 days since we could go about our normal lives.  Friday, March 13th seems like forever ago but we are slowly (very slowly) emerging from our hundred days of stay-at-home.  And just as Massachusetts is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, much of the rest of the country is surging with so many new cases.  In some ways it was worse because we were hit harder here before we knew as much about the virus and disease.  But in other ways it seems we got the worst out of the way (hopefully) earlier and Florida, Texas, and many of the southern states are just now bearing the brunt of the cases.

This week has marked some key milestones as we get back to something closer to normal lives:

  • Restaurants – we ate at a restaurant!  Twice!  We had been doing weekly (or more) takeout from local places to give us (read me) a break from kitchen duty and to support local businesses; and while takeout is nice it’s nothing like sitting down and having someone bring you food.  I can’t count how many meals we’ve had to make at home in the past 100 days, but lunch on Wednesday and then dinner on Saturday at restaurants was glorious.  For now, only outdoor seating is allowed, but next week starts indoor dining again too.
  • Stores with the kids – One of the strange parts of grocery shopping was only seeing adults.  But in the past week the girls and I have been to the local sporting goods store and to Target.  They are great about keeping their masks on and keeping distant from others and (mostly) not touching things.  I did enjoy the efficiency of shopping alone but it’s really nice to have company again.
  • Gymnastics – Hannah was back at gymnastics 3 days this week.  They have put in place new rules to reduce the risk of infection (fewer kids in the gym, not sharing chalk, using separate entrances, staying apart from others) but Hannah has said it feels pretty close to normal. She has loved getting back into gymnastics practice and the parents are appreciative for the gym being open again (even just reconnecting with other parents in the parking lot was great).
  • Sunscreen – It’s not directly related to reopening but with constant sunny days this week and the kids putting on sunscreen, it really feels and smells like summer vacation.  They have been very good about putting on sunscreen (Hannah burns like I do) before being out with friends and it makes it feel like summer is really here.
  • Watching soccer – I’m not yet ready to play soccer but watching the English Premier League return to action this week has really been great.  All the teams wore custom jerseys with patches for NHS (National Health Service) and instead of their names the back of every jersey read “Black Lives Matter”.  It was really powerful to see every team take a knee in support of the global anti-racist movement before each match.  There are no fans in the stadiums but it’s been really great to watch the games again.

We have no idea what things will look on September 28th (100 days from today) but the hope is that we will be back at school, maybe even work (although I’m doubtful),  back to more activities, and with a continued national focus on systemic racism and inequality.


Things that went well today:

  • Juneteenth celebrations throughout the country and here in Boston were well attended and well covered.  I’m starting to believe that this really will lead to lasting conversations and maybe even change.
  • The girls continue to be great at wearing masks which allows us to continue trust them to be out with friends.  We see lots of other kids without masks and we’ve talked with the girls about why we feel it is important and necessary that we continue to wear them.
  • I’ve had very positive reactions to my last post about anti-racism; I appreciate all of the feedback and it helps encourage me to share more


Things that did not go well:

  • 8+ million cases worldwide and 2+ million in the US, with numbers in many states increasing rapidly
  • We really want to go to a beach but are not comfortable yet with public bathrooms
  • Speaking of bathrooms, Daisy peed in the house today right in front of Jeanne.  It was sort of funny but I wasn’t allowed to laugh
  • Many of Caroline’s group of friends are starting to leave for vacation (or isolate before travel) so her reduced social circle makes it even harder to have nothing to do


Random happy find from the web:


Cute puppy photo video of the day:

Daisy and her friend Gracie trying out the kiddie pool

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