Day 87 – Starting new traditions

Most of the changes during this pandemic have been negative, but every so often we find something new that we want to continue.  This past weekend, our town staged a rolling parade for high school graduates.  Graduating seniors and their families drove through town in cars decorated for the occasion and thousands of residents stood on the streets and cheered them on.

It was created as a way to replace the in-person graduation ceremony but I hope we continue this in the future.  Most of us who are not related to a graduate wouldn’t attend a graduation ceremony but we loved walking down the block to be outside and celebrate their accomplishments.  It was a great chance for the town to step outside and say congratulations to a group of young people in a way that we’ve never really had before.

Our hope is that years from now when the girls are graduating, they remember that the annual graduation parade started during the pandemic year of 2020.

Here is short video from the parade:


Things that went well today:

  • We went to Hannah’s school to clean out her locker.  It was weird to be in the mostly-empty building but it did provide a little closure to the school year (despite one more week of classes)
  • The weather has been so nice recently, although it’s hard to be inside during the workday
  • Massachusetts is extending the re-opening to include shops and restaurants with outdoor dining starting this week

Things that did not go well:

  • Numbers of worldwide cases topped 7 million and deaths are over 400,000
  • This week’s reopening in the state won’t really affect us, I doubt we’ll eat at a restaurant anytime soon
  • Driving by the closed town pool on a beautiful Saturday afternoon felt like such a downer – it should have been full of happy, splashing kids and instead was silent


Random happy find from the web:

  • How to Hug During a Pandemic
    This is a (mostly serious) look at how to show affection and still stay safe. I really hope that hugs and handshakes survive this pandemic and this is a way they might


Cute puppy photo of the day:


Daisy and her friend Gracie are not following social distancing guidelines

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