Day 83 – Getting back in shape

The girls have been great at staying active and I am slowly starting to follow their lead.  I have been so out of shape recently and have finally started getting back on track exercise-wise.  I found that walks around the block (especially with a slow puppy) just aren’t enough and I need to do more.

I realized that all signs were pointing to me being out of shape:

  • I have been low on energy
  • My pants and shorts are a little too tight
  • Getting on a scale for the first time in quarantine was a rude shock
  • I consistently feel sluggish

Hannah and her friends have taken to long bike rides around town.  Today they went for about 10 miles including through mountain-bike trails in nearby woods (and accidently ended up in the neighboring town).   They also have been practicing riding without hands. Other times they kick a soccer ball in the yard or skateboard down the street.

Caroline’s friends have a daily bicycling meet-up at a nearby empty parking lot.  They have all learned how to ride bikes recently and are now getting better at riding while standing up and skidding to stop. It’s so nice to live in a neighborhood where they can ride alone to the park (now open!) or up and down a street (so little traffic).

I, on the other hand, have been sitting at my desk too much.  Even when I’m not working (which I’ve been trying to do less of), I’ve been sitting and reading or sitting and watching.  So I decided that with a new month I would change my routines.

I’ve started joining Hannah in her 2-3 days a week of gymnastics conditioning.  I can’t do all of the stretches (you don’t want to see my attempt bridge push-ups) but I keep with about three quarters of her workout.  I’ve also made sure I go out for runs at least once a week.  I got the soccer ball out in the yard today to practice juggling which felt great.  Slowly but surely I’m forcing myself out to to get more active.

I’ve already felt like I have more energy and hopefully I can keep it up and get back into reasonable shape.  Assuming that soccer season will come again (even if not in 2020) I want to make sure I’m ready to play.


Here’s Caroline showing of her biking outfit and her new bicycle:



Things that went well today:

  • Warm weather and long days really feels like summer is here
  • The ongoing focus on racial equity has been heartening, I really hope it continues
  • Parks and tennis courts in Belmont opened this week giving us more outdoor recreational options

Things that did not go well:

  • Hannah’s gymnastics camp in Vermont was cancelled – there had been a slight hope that they would be able to have camp this summer
  • Numbers in Massachusetts continue to be consistently around 50 deaths and 400 new cases per day
  • Another 2 million Americans filed for unemployment this week


Random happy find from the web:

  • Trying to build a squirrel-proof bird feeder led this guy to build an amazing obstacle course for his neighborhood squirrels


Cute puppy photo of the day:


Daisy shows off her haircut and her enjoyment of sticks


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