Board Games

Playing games has been a favorite family activity for years, but only recently has Caroline been able to really join in.  She still needs help reading but she gets the rules and basic strategy of the some pretty complicated games.

In an effort to share some of our favorites and to keep track of what we were playing, I compiled this list of ones that are in regular rotation these days.  A number of these are from Gamewright, a Boston-area game company that makes some great family-friendly games.  The girls’ elementary school runs an annual “game night” of Gamewright games which Jeanne helped organize this year so we got to try out a bunch of new games and found some new favorites.

Even as mobile games have become more popular, I just don’t think they can compete with real-world board, card, and dice games for the ability to bring people together around a table and enjoy a good game together.

Dragonwood – dice and cards with fun, competitive strategy

Scrambled States of America – learn some US geography while having fun

Monopoly – a classic, but still fun for a long afternoon

Geografacts – some borders have changed since 1992, but remains a fun, educational way to learn about the world

Too Many Monkeys – great for the 4-5 year-old crowd, we’re growing out of it

Rummy – has remained Hannah’s favorite card game for years


Let me know if you have any additional games to recommend!



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  1. Nice, we’ve been playing more board games lately too. Henry has been really enjoying Forbidden Island which just so happens to also be a Gamewright game. It’s a cooperative game to capture 4 treasures and escape before the island sinks (card tiles). Every player has a special ability to help the group in different ways.

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