Starting Fresh

freshstartAfter 10 years of writing a blog on my old site, I was ready for something new.  I wanted to start fresh with a new voice, new technology (WordPress), and (for now) a new domain.

When I started writing 10 years ago (before Hannah was born) I initially struggled to find my voice.  I couldn’t picture my target audience so I didn’t know how much to share, how much you’d care about my life, and how to express my thoughts.  Over the years I figured out how much I wanted to share, and how much to keep private.  That worked well for years, but in recent years I started to notice a change.

As Hannah has gotten older I’ve struggled with the voice and audience.  Sharing information about a baby is different than sharing about a 9-year-old who can read what I write.  Now that she can read, I’m going to use Hannah as my target audience (Hi, Hannah!).  I’ll certainly include Caroline too as she begins to read, but Hannah is the one who can (and maybe even will) read what I write.  She loves hearing stories (“Daddy tell me a story” is a frequent request from the backseat on car trips of any length) – and what’s a blog other than a telling of stories.

So here I begin another chapter in my chronicling, sharing, and story telling.  I’ll keep the title: Life, and All That Surrounds It because that nicely captures what I’m aiming to write about.  I’ll keep the focus on sharing photos and videos because that makes it more fun.  And I’ll keep my voice – positive and optimistic, with enough sarcasm and self-awareness to keep myself honest.  But as I start to write with the knowledge that my daughter(s) will read this, I may share differently than I did before.

Thanks for joining me in this online journey!

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